| Номер: September 2022

(on the final solution to the Ukrainian question)

Mikhail Frenkel

“I emancipate you from the invented by Jews humiliating chimera of conscience,” Hitler instructed his soldiers.

Emancipated. The German Nazis committed unheard-of atrocities during World War II. Including in Ukraine, completely captured by them.

One of the greatest crimes of the Nazis was the Holocaust. The tragedy of Babyn Yar and at other execution ravines had already happened, when in January 1942, in a villa near Lake Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin, the Nazi leadership adopted a resolution on the “final solution to the Jewish question.” Behind that bureaucratic formulation was an ominous intention to exterminate all Jews in Europe. The Nazis tried very hard, but they did not manage to complete the task set by the Führer, having killed “only” 6 million Jews.

Exactly 80 years have passed since the Wannsee Conference. Now the Ukrainian lands are invaded by those who, as shown by the events of the russian aggression, have been tasked this time with the “final solution to the Ukrainian question.”

After the world learned about the atrocities of the ruscists in the cities and villages of Ukraine, the myth of some peacekeeping special operation has completely collapsed. The world has been horrified by those atrocities. The Kremlin rulers made several fatal mistakes in panic then. At first, they tried to launch disinformation that the mutilated bodies of those killed in Bucha and other cities were a staged fake of the Ukrainians. Inside Russia, such a version, albeit with an effort, was accepted. However, when comrade Nebenzia, a ruscist representative to the UN, with an ass of a head towering over his neck, started voicing the version of the “fakes”, the indignation of the UN meeting participants knew no bounds. The representative of Ukraine convincingly refuted his version at once there.

Someone in the Kremlin (or in some bunker) lost his nerve again then. An article was published by a certain Timofey Sergeytsev, who showed up in Ukraine in the Yanukovych team in 2004 when they tried to falsify the presidential elections. However, it is quite clear that that opus was the fruit of the “collective mind”, or rather, the madness of the russian strategists. In short, this creation is a poor version of Mein Kampf. It contains the same anger at one definite people and the task clearly set, the same as in Hitler’s book, is to exterminate these people. The only difference is that these people are not Jews, but Ukrainians.

Anyone can get acquainted with this impudent nonsense on the Internet. I will quote only a small passage:

“…However, in addition to the top, a significant part of the masses, which are passive Nazis, accomplices of Nazism, are also guilty… Fair punishment of this part of the population is possible only with the inevitable bearing of the hardships of the just war against the Nazi system, waged as carefully and prudently as possible in relation to civilians”.

Ah, what?! This vileness was published after the ruscist monsters had killed and tortured these very civilians. The brutal murders and rapes of the Ukrainian women and children – this is exactly the war being waged “as carefully and prudently as possible”, according to the “Russian world”. It is quite obvious that this political libel is the worst blunder of the Moscow propagandists. It appeared clearly too late, for the internal approval. Translated by volunteers into other languages, it will reveal to the world the true face of the Kremlin’s “fighters against Nazism.” This vile memorandum liberates of course the ruscist soldiers from the “chimera of conscience”. Nothing of the kind! You will have no success with the “final solution to the Ukrainian question”!

Ukrainians are people who are hot-tempered and have a good memory. They now frequently recall the “Wrath of God” operation, during which Mossad destroyed all the terrorists involved in the murder of Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics. Moreover, the last of the perpetrators was eliminated already in 1992. The Israelis showed patience and perseverance. The Ukrainians are not worse, are they? We may recall that Mossad received the order for the “Wrath of God” operation from Golda Meir, who was born in Kyiv. She didn’t make pompous speeches back then. Golda simply said, “Send forth the boys.”

May each one be repaid according to his works…