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Еврейский обозреватель» № 01/349

№ 01/349

Январь 2022

Шана това!

С Новым 5783-м годом!

Рош ха-Шана, Новый год по еврейскому календарю, празднуется 1-2 числа месяца Тишрей.

По еврейской традиции Новый год – это праздник не только для евреев, но и для всего человечества, поскольку в этот день Всевышний вершит суд над миром и людьми за грехи, совершенные в ходе минувшего года (“приговор” вносится в Книгу судеб через десять дней, в Судный день – Йом Киппур). Период между Рош ха-Шана и Йом Киппур носит название “Дни раскаяния”, когда верующий может обратиться к своей совести и решить измениться к лучшему.


Holocaust Memorial Center “Babyn Yar” will digitize 1.5 million archival documents about the life of the Jews of Ukraine in the 19th-20th centuries

The Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center announced the start of a 48-hour fundraising campaign to preserve unique archival documents about Jewish life in Ukraine.

Within two days, it is planned to raise $250,000, which will be used to digitize more than 1.5 million archival documents about the life of the Jews of Ukraine in the 19th and 20th centuries, with their subsequent opening to the whole world. Particular attention will be paid to 10 border regions of Eastern and Southern Ukraine, as well as the central regions.

You can join the campaign and donate at the link: https://www.charidy.com/babynyar



(on the final solution to the Ukrainian question)

Mikhail Frenkel

“I emancipate you from the invented by Jews humiliating chimera of conscience,” Hitler instructed his soldiers.

Emancipated. The German Nazis committed unheard-of atrocities during World War II. Including in Ukraine, completely captured by them.

One of the greatest crimes of the Nazis was the Holocaust. The tragedy of Babyn Yar and at other execution ravines had already happened, when in January 1942, in a villa near Lake Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin, the Nazi leadership adopted a resolution on the “final solution to the Jewish question.” Behind that bureaucratic formulation was an ominous intention to exterminate all Jews in Europe. The Nazis tried very hard, but they did not manage to complete the task set by the Führer, having killed “only” 6 million Jews.

Exactly 80 years have passed since the Wannsee Conference. Now the Ukrainian lands are invaded by those who, as shown by the events of the russian aggression, have been tasked this time with the “final solution to the Ukrainian question.”


Attention! Attention! Attention!

Dear readers,

We are happy to inform you that after a break due to the russian aggression against Ukraine, the Jew-Observer website is resuming its work.

As in previous years, we will try to convey to you the facts and events taking place in the world in which Jews live.

You will also find interesting journalistic materials on international and other important topics.

We are happy to be with you again and hope for reciprocity.